Marital Renewal & Rejuvenation


Renew your connection. Rejuvenate your relationship.

Three things must happen in order to rejuvenate a couple’s relationship. First, the couple must spend more quality-time together. Often couples need communication training to reduce conflict and to recover intimacy and appreciation for each other.

Second, the couple must grow together in new ways. Partners either grow together or grow apart. When couples have new, enjoyable experiences together, they feel connected and realize that one of the best things in life is to share new experiences with a loved one.

Third, the couple must resolve their resentments toward each other. The biggest, single problem in long-term relationships is anger toward one’s partner. Underneath the anger are frustrations from 1) a perception that one’s partner stands in the way of achieving important personal goals, or 2) hurt emotions resulting from feeling diminished by the partner in important ways.

Couples therapy provides a safe venue and professional assistance in constructively talking through relationship issues.

No greater joy exists in life than appreciating and building a strong, healthy, loving, and supportive relationship.

“He said, “There is a lot going on in our lives. Despite that, things have been really good between us. We are appreciative of that. We are in a good place now.”

She said, “We are going through a lot of stressful circumstances right now. We are handling it well as a couple. My husband is much more communicative now…. We are happy with each other.”

They said, “You helped us a lot. You made a safe place for us to come and work it out. You gave us new ways to look at things. It was a discovery process working with you; helping us deal with things in a different way. You helped us see our patterns and how we both are and what to do better. Now we can do it on our own. Thank you!”

—Parents of young twins after couples therapy

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