Couples Counseling


Become a couple again.

Those seeking help through couples counseling are typically experiencing some of the following symptoms:

  • Too much fighting and conflict—“The closest we come to sex is saying, `F#@k you’ as we pass each other in the hall.” “We argue over whether or not we are arguing.”
  • Communication problems—Feeling misunderstood and lonely. “Why can’t I get through to you?”
  • Feeling chronically hurt and resentful—“We can’t get over it.” “I feel like all I am is Daddy, the wallet.” “What am I? Chopped liver?”
  • Sexless marriage—One in five marital relationships is sexless (intercourse less than 11 times a year).
  • Loss of connection—Coexisting as roommates, feeling like ships that pass in the night, feeling as if “you’ve lost that loving feeling,” not feeling close any more.
  • Battle of the sexes—“Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus? My partner is from Uranus.”
  • Problem spousal behaviors—Verbal abuse, alcohol/substance abuse, nagging, stonewalling, and/or overspending.
  • Blended family issues.
  • Issues with family of origin.
  • Stay or go issues—It’s not good enough to stay, but it’s not bad enough to go.

Dr. Kuhlman Can Help

If you and your partner are experiencing issues, Dr. Kuhlman can help you both learn to stop negative behaviors and teach you positive action steps to repair and grow your relationship. You can regain that “loving feeling” with effective counseling from Dr. Kuhlman.

Don’t give up. With the insight and coaching of an encouraging, experienced professional counselor, you can repair and re-establish an intimate, caring relationship as a couple.

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